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Need another format or resolution?
Please click here to email our processing department to request additional formats and/or output resolutions.

Adobe PDF, common print-ready format for viewing generated drainage reports or low-resolution imagery.
GeoTIFF raster imagery, typically high-resolution visual RGB or indexed Elevation data to be used in professional GIS applications such as ArcMAP, QGIS, etc.
LiDAR Point Cloud, typically Elevation data to be used drainage analysis tools such as Global Mapper, Ag Data Mapping Solution, etc.
Compressed LiDAR, same as LAS LiDAR data but compressed using ZIP algorithm.
ESRI Shapefile, typically vector geo-spatial boundary or other agriculture-related data for use in farm management software such as FarmWorks, SMS, etc.
Plain-text delimited (CSV), typically low-resolution / gridded Elevation data for use in older drainage planning software such as FarmWorks, SMS, etc.
Compressed-format ZIP containing multiple file types, commonly used to organize Shapefiles and other formats with multiple file dependencies.
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